25 May 2018
Operation Supply Drop Charity Event with Dads Gaming

Dads Gaming has had the pleasure of working with Operation Supply Drop for the last three years in different capacities.

We began three years ago with a week long stream that spanned Sunday to Saturday. To see the amount of growth from that time to now in both the OSD organization and our involvement stuns this writer. We have raised over $1k through donations and T-Shirts. Even some our own Dad’s Gaming members who are also veterans have seen their lives impacted by working with OSD in their own areas.

To show some of the incredible work that OSD has been doing this last year look no further because we have some stories for you to check out. In April of this year they sent a deployment overseas to troops from Lexington, KY (Go Cats) and Austin Texas. Supplies for this drop came from Starbucks, Microsoft, Disgruntled Decks, USAA, GAEMS and other OSD partners. In March they dropped a payload for the 10th Mountain Troops and a multinational conglomerate of forces. Just days before this, the 3/2 Calvary Regiment deployed to Poland received a drop as well. Endeavors like these take time and money. Many of our members have no time to go and participate in these drops themselves, but have the finances to aid others in making this happen.

We are OSD (3)

If you would like to know more about OSD Dads Gaming encourages readers to look at weareosd.org or dadsgaming.com and read our personal interview with some of their personnel. We hope you will join us in celebrating OSD this weekend and give towards a worthy cause!

Meet our Stream Team for Operation Supply Drop 2018


Dads Gaming OSD 2018 Schedule

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Les takes great pride in being a husband, father of two (with one on the way), and proud member of DADS Gaming (since 2014). He serves as a community manager for DADS on the PS4 and can often be found playing in the evening on the central time zone US. His gamer tag is lghughes3 on PSN, twitter is @lesgetgaming, and reddit.


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