29 Feb 2020
What we played in February

This month we jumped into a realistic online first-person action with Escape from Tarkov, activated lots of new Agents in The Division 2, worked together taking on new targets in Monster Hunter, and turned the clock back for a retro night with the counter terrorist unit Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Escape from Tarkov


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Recently Escape from Tarkov experienced somewhat of a renaissance. Battlestate Games (Tarkov’s developer) announced their twitch drop campaign for in-game loot. In conjunction with the game going on sale the Tarkov community seemly grew overnight. The campaign only lasted a week however this cult classic rose to one of the top ten stream games ever since.

The influx of new members to the community has allowed the user base to grow. The most encountered

question I come across is: what is Tarkov? Well that’s a philosophical question that cannot fully bedissected and accurately debated in this forum. The quick summary is this game is a high-risk looter-shooter. You create you soldier’s loadout from resources in your stash, procuring equipment from traders or from the dead bodies of your enemies. Once you enter a raid you keep all the loot you can extract with. However, if you die your loot can be swiped by whoever is brave enough to obtain your loot and get out with it. Word to the wise, I know this formula sounds all too common at this point, but do not call this game a battle royale.

The Division 2


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The Division 2 is an action-looter-shooter with RPG elements based around the D.C. area. Several factions are battling for control and you’re an agent to clean up the mess. This month has seen an uptick in Dads jumping back in to either finish off that specialization tree, continue leveling, or just helping out a few new agents. The level scaling shifts when joining others so never fear what level you are just jump in and have fun.

Mid-February a new expedition opened in Coney Island that gives a little insight as to what happened in New York since our departure to DC. I highly recommend running these two missions. The park was full of action, a few surprises, and awesome scenery. Really enjoyed running this a few times this past week.

Kenly College Expedition opened back up Tuesday the 25th, you can catch a chopper ride from the Base of Operations. Also, for completing this set of missions you can get a very nice exotic drop, the Diamondback. I really want to add that to my collection and hope to group up and run them soon.

If you enjoyed clearing the streets of New York in Ubisoft’s The Division with your fellow agents now is a great time to re-activate and gear up. Earlier this month Ubisoft announced it’s latest edition to The Division 2, “Warlords of New York”, along with a pile of inventory management and gear changes planned soon. Surprisingly at the same time of announcement they dropped a huge discount on the base game. Currently you can pick up the base game for 95% off, that’s $2.99 until March 3rd. Which in turn is the day Warlord’s of New York will be released. The price of “WoNY” is $30.00 if you currently own The Division 2 or $32.99 if want to bundle the base game and new edition.

Reach out to a fellow Dads Gaming Clan member on discord or in game for an invite if you are not currently in our clan. See you on the streets fellow agents!

Monster Hunter


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This last month was the 2 year anniversary of MHW and with it came an in game celebration and playable event. Now in Monster Hunter there have always been seasonal events and with these events come new and interesting quests. Some involve you fighting larger or smaller variants of previously seen monsters. Others pit you against several monsters at a time, forcing you and your team to work together to manage multiple targets trying to mince you into tiny pieces. Some of the most challenging are quests that involve multiple stages in which you have to accomplish certain tasks before moving to the next stage.

On any given night if you shoot out an SOS in the discord channel chances are one of the dads is more than happy to jump online and help you take down that roadblock that has been giving you trouble. We all thrive on being able to see our own skills in the game increase and helping the guys who haven’t had as much play-time catch up to the gameplay loop that is the end game. If you’ve thought about giving MHW a try but are overwhelmed by the barrier to entry that is the mechanics and combat our community is more than willing to take people under their wing and teach them the MH way. With the base game now free via Xbox GamePass now is as good of a time as any to give it a shot. Good luck my friends and remember,

Happy Hunting!

Rainbow Six Vegas 2


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What happens in Vegas 2….when you take the regular Rainbow Six Siege crew and put them into a time traveling telephone booth, then set the clock backwards twelve years-ago? That’s exactly what we did with an impromptu Retro Game Night mentioned on our discord chat server. The timing was perfect since Siege was winding down its season: The calm before Year 5 starts, the new Operators drops and Battle Passes are available in early March. We all had a great laugh at ourselves as we attempted to get some frags in private matches. Even the regular Seige MVPs were quickly humbled by Vega 2 fast-paced action, powerful weapons, and devastating gadgets. The amount of available multiplayer maps, game modes, and player equipment options is extensive.

Some early setbacks were that game invites were only able to those on your Xbox 360’s friends list. We had to remember how-to accept friend requests and send game invites, how could something that so routine become so complex? Another was the extra Gift Pack DLC that contained the extra maps that were not as easily to find and acquire. The controls for the 360 are mapped to the Xbox One’s controller, but the defaults weren’t what we were used to in Siege.

We got the crew back together queuing up in a private match, we were to test our core Rainbow tactical fundamentals. Most of the crew have never played any of the Vegas games, but those that did, haven’t played a MP match in forever. There were three main expectations going in that was immediately crushed: The first striking difference is the time-to-kill is very low, this realistic gameplay focuses on pure tactics and strategy. Second, there is no leaning in Vegas 2 but instead offers a third-person cover system. And the third, Vegas 2’s Demolition game mode is not the same as Bomb in Siege.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was available through Games with Gold, also it was bundled with Siege at launch, and a recent Ubisoft sale. Vegas 2 is still available today from Amazon. The game is bakcompat on the Xbox One, that launches a virtual Xbox 360 experience for that game. Even today, you’ll find the servers are still active with a small population of diehards playing multiplayer and terrorist hunt. You can play the main campaign co-op with two players, and experience Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for its challenging tactical emersion. I also recommend that you play Terrorist Hunt, its incredible and fun to play with friends.

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