How did we begin?

Dads Gaming founded in 2014 by Renovatio 42 with the goal of creating a safe, encouraging community for those gamers in such an extraordinary stage in life: dadhood. Our commitment to our family takes precedence over everything else. While we realize the difficult challenges in finding a balance of life, work, and hobbies like video games. With our limited time, having a good time is essential. We share a strong brotherhood with our fellow like-minded dads in our excitement for gaming. These passions strongly echo in our Dads Gaming Community.

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The power of our community

This journey began with a small number of us and over the course of 5 years grew to a thousand members today. Our community is committed to our mission, embodies the Dads Gaming Culture, and is incredibility supportive of one another, our ambitious projects, and brand. We’ve done amazing things and look forward to more in the future.

Dedicated to supporting fun

Dads Gaming supports the following charities:

Operation Supply Drop

Extra Life

Gamers Outreach