20 Apr 2018
Operation Supply Drop Design Contest

Here’s your chance to contribute your artistic ability for a great charity: Operation Supply Drop! Dads Gaming will be reviewing all submissions and the top-three designs determined by our Admins and Community Managers will go up for a community vote. The winner’s design will be selected on April 30th May 6th and will become our official Dads Gaming Design in our Charity Campaign for OSD 2018.

Submit your design, and if selected, we will be showcasing it during our Charity Campaign Event for Operation Supply Drop in May. Operation Supply Drop (OSD) helps build and reinforce the veteran support ecosystem from Deployment through Transition and Community Integration with distinct significant impact each step of the way.


Design must be your own original artwork, not copyrighted, and include the following three (3) words/phrases:

  1. “dadsgaming.com”
  2. “We Are OSD”
  3. “2018”

Submit Your OSD 2018 Design:

Submit your design

Deadline is April 27th , has been extended May 5th!

To learn more about OSD and Dads Gaming involvement, please check out:

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I am the founder of Dads Gaming community and website.


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