16 Oct 2015
Dads Gaming is now on listed on the PS4 Communities!

We are pleased to annouce that The Dads Gaming is now on the PS4 Community, a service that is based around shared interest (like games, genres, and more) which is a great way to connect with online Dad gamers with similar interests on the PS4. Look for “The Dads Gaming” Community and join! Our Community include a message board, and the ability to join others in parties / games. A great feature is that you can message anyone who’s part of our group, even if they are not yet on your friends list. This way, you could build a healthy friends list of Dads who are active, play the same games, and have shared interests.

More and more games nowadays are multi-player only, this makes it even more important to surround yourself with fellow, like-minded, Dads who understand that family comes first, that your gaming time is limited, and you want to make the most out it. As Dads gaming online we know how it can be intimidating or frustrating at times because online match matching and public lobbies can drag you in with other players who can ruin your gaming experience. We encourage Dads to get together and play together, to enhance a Dads’ online experience.


When to use The Dads Gaming PS4 Community?

Often is the answer.

After turning on your PS4 console, open your friends list, then Communities, next go to The Dads Gaming see fellow like-minded Dad gamers who were found with similar interests including those who are part of our Dads Gaming Community. From there you can send them a message or game invite, even if they are not yet on your friends list!

How to get started?
  1. Message lghughes3 or Mitragliatrice on PSN with a request to join.


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I am the founder of Dads Gaming community and website.


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