15 Sep 2015
Dads Gaming has partnered with Overdog!

We are pleased to annouce that Dads Gaming has partnered with Overdog, a platform service that enables us to connect our virtual selves with our real-life interests (e.g. games, movies, sports, dadhood) which provides better matches with online Dad gamers with simular interests.

More and more games nowadays are multi-player only, this makes it even more important to surround yourself with fellow, like-minded, Dads who understand that family comes first, that your gaming time is limited, and you want to make the most out it. As Dads gaming online we know how it can be intimidating or frustrating at times because online match matching and public lobbies can drag you in with other players who can ruin your gaming experience. We encourage Dads to get together and play together, to enhance a Dads’ online experience. Overdog helps provide our Dads Gaming Community with an easy way to connect with our fellow Dads who share the same interests and passions for console video games!

When to use Overdog?

Often is the answer.

After turning on your console, open the Overdog app and see matched profiles of gamers who were found with simular interests including those who are part of our Dads Gaming Community. From there you can send them a message or game invite, even if they are not yet on your friends list!


How to get started?
  1. Download the Overdog app, available for free in the Xbox One App Store in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  2. Like the Dads Gaming topic

Overdog is working hard to expand to other regions and also have plans for integration with PC games, and mobile/tablet, and more. So stay tuned!

How to get envolved?

It’s super easy! Just launch the Overdog app on the Xbox One and make “Destiny The Taken King” your prefered game. When the Game Night begins, you’ll be paired up with the Destiny Community Managers of the Dads Gaming, as well as Dads Gaming Members.


Check Overdog when you’re online and you’ll find our upcoming events, just like the one above for our Dads Gaming Destiny The Taken King Event coming up this Saturday, September 19th. More schedule Dads Gaming Events will be posted in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out.

Check out our Infographic!


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