14 May 2016
Destiny Dads 3v3 Tournament for St. Judes

May 10th through May 31st Dads Gaming will be playing a Destiny 3v3 Tournament for St. Judes

Destiny Dads (DadsGaming) is putting together a, Destiny, 3v3 tournament with all donations going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I know a few DADs that have benefited directly by this great charity and we’re doing our small part to repay them. DADs gaming is a community of fathers, focused on getting the most out of their limited playing time. We are all about fun and understand that we may need to quit, mid-game, to attend to the family. We welcome all positive and like minded DADs and have several games and forms of contact.

All of us are DADs and love our children and hate cancer, St. Judes is the perfect charity for this event. A lot of us will be donating money as an “entry fee” of sorts and the winning teams (one on either console) will donate the fund in their name. Winners will also get featured on our website, here.

We Thank You in advance for all your donations and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Due to our mixed playing times, match times and days will be posted no less than 2 days before. Stream channels and multi-twitch links will be provided with these match times. Finals will take place on May 31st, time to follow. See our link below for details on the tournament.

DADs Gaming 3 v 3 Tournament details and rules

Scoring system:

Each team will play the other teams once so you’ll play 3 or 4 teams total, depending on system. You will receive 1 3 points per win and 0 for losing. The two teams with the most points, after playing all teams, will be the finalists. The next 2 teams will play for third place.

Each team will pick a team name and a charity, they all agree on, that the money will go to. We’ll try and do a youtube video with everyone’s introductions but not definite yet.. The Charity is St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The funding, for the charity prize money, will come from donations. We will share the link once we decide on it. I encourage you to donate $10 as an “entry fee” though it is not required. We will try and stream, all, matches and hopefully get donations that way as well. Winning team on each side will get to donate the money to the charity they have chosen and have bragging rights ;). Donate Here to St. Judes


Rules: Only one subclass per team. You can have 2 warlock but only one sunsinger, one voidwalker or one stormcaller etc. No switching subclasses once the match starts. This goes for all 5 rounds. Subclasses are set until your next match against a different team.

  • Only one exotic per player. Can be either armor or weapon but cannot be changed once the match round starts. Class items are the exception. If you do not equip an exotic, you cannot equip one during a round.
  • There will be no use of heavy weapons. If heavy pops up, we will not pick it up.
  • No emotes or teabgags, unless teams agree on this prior to the match. Let’s keep it fun
  • Y2 weapons only(all weapons) Y1 Exotics weapons will be allowed if there’s a y2 version only, no thorn or vex. Y1 armor is all welcomed.

DADs members only. If you haven’t joined, get that DADS clan tag on, go do it!!

Should we run into problems, or a player need to leave for a couple minutes, the following emotes will be used in game:

  • Wave=There’s something up and we need to pause
  • Dance=We’re good to go, play on Please use these accordingly and do not abuse them. Only use if you absolutely need to.

You know what teams you’re playing, please communicate with them and find a date and time that best works for everyone. We will begin matches on May 10th and try to have it wrapped up by the end of the Month. We’re leaving it up to you guys to schedule what works best but we cannot take a ton of time between matches, at least 1-2 a week.

We are playing by the honor system, so please don’t cheat or not follow the rules above. If you’re found to have broken a rule or two, you will be disqualifying your team, either for that round or that complete match.

Keep it fun and classy, this is for charity and will be streamed.

Most Matches will have a Multi-Twitch Link but will also be hosted by Dads Gaming here: https://www.twitch.tv/thedadsgaming

About St. Judes

Join us on discord app - If you have any questions, please ask.

##Tournament Schedule and Standings

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