Titanfall's Title Update No. 5 is out now

Titanfall Title Update No. 5 is out now!


  • Black Market is OPEN! (The Black Market unlocks at level 11 and allows players to purchase Burn Card packs and Insignia with in-game credits)
  • 120HZ fix (PC)
  • Makes n00bs more pretty with a Gen 1 Emblem
  • Daily Challenges added into the game - Collect three new Daily Challenges every day. You can have a total of 9 active daily challenges at any one time.
  • Frame Rate and Optimization, which will reduce screen tearing
  • Added message when a friendly Pilot with the flag jumps on your Titan in CTF.
  • Fixed Titan decal unlocks showing up repeatedly.
  • Removed pre-lobby after selecting a game mode, now you will be taken directly to the game lobby.
  • Made wi-fi hacking count towards Spectre leeching for stats / challenges / insignias.
  • Fixed an issue where you could earn enough XP that it would appear to wrap around and reset your level.
  • Nuclear Eject: fixed a rare bug where an invincible Titan would be left roaming around the level because the player died upon ejecting.
  • Lots of yummy bandwidth optimizations as well as various delicious framerate optimizations have been lovingly hand-crafted and squeezed into the game.
  • Fixed not being able to shoot at the Titan you are rodeoing when the Titan backs up against a wall and looks upwards.
  • Fixed many cases of incorrect or missing impact sounds from explosions including Arc Cannon fire and Cluster Rockets.
  • Fixed a server issue when players used the Rematch burn card in areas where they would get stuck.
  • Fixed a case of getting a double lock-on with the Archer.
  • Fixed an annoying case of the party chat icon not appearing.
  • Fixed a case where parties could be split up.
  • Fixed text overlap on controller layout menu.
  • Fixed some kills/events not counting towards progress on challenges, achievements, or decals.
  • Capture The Flag: fixed being able to call in your Titan as the sides were being switched.
  • More robust multi-GPU support (PC)
  • Added achievements for Frontier’s Edge DLC (Xbox One)
  • Moved Campaign game mode in with the other existing game modes. It will rotate through all maps over and over and you can join at any point.